Constraints of a Comfort Zone

I have always been a fan of pushing my own boundaries- reaching out all my resources for information about one thing or another, as awkward as it may be. Starting out with feigned confidence in a new work place. Leaving for the unknown. Yet everyone has a comfort zone, leaving a risk zone often unexplored.

As I prepare to escape for a semester to study art and travel, I have found myself wondering how I can try out some things that I may classify as part of my “risk zone”. As someone who has never found myself in a serious relationship, and barely a casual one, I find that taking romantic, flirty risks often scares me. Yet with so much of the world seeing this as an easy thing, I have found many excuses to how it isn’t me that is avoiding.

Writing these articles is in and of itself a way of taking a risk. Though they could be even more personal, I have always found writing as an outlet for my most personal thoughts. Therefore allowing anyone to read my writing has always felt deeply personal, leaving me feeling exposed and vulnerable.

My hope for the upcoming semester is that I find more time to expose myself to my risk zone. To allow myself to flirt with guys I find cute and not think anything of it. To follow my heart. To write it all down and allow the world to peer into my inner thoughts, whatever the judgement may be.


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